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Web Development

We work exclusively with WordPress. While there are other platforms available, by concentrating on a few core platforms, we can focus on giving great results every time.

WordPress has a huge library of themes and plugins avaiable which offer enhanced functionality. You can have anything from a simple brochure style site to a full blown business sytem with app integrations.

You can either pay for your website outright, or enter into a payment contract and pay over a year or two. We have various care packages to suit your needs and budget – from the basic Bronze package to the all singing all dancing Platinum package. If neither of these packages fit your needs, please get in touch as we can tailor any packages to suit your needs. You can also change your care packages to suit you, for example in the beginning you may have enough time on your hands to be creative and maintain your site yourself, so may not want or need a care package. Then as you get busier you may start making your way through the packages until you find one that suits your journey to success.

Our Process & Workflow

We’re with you from beginning to end so lets take the panic out of designing your website and leave it to the experts. Communication is key when getting your business on the web, so we’ll be available to you throughout the whole process.

We’ll discuss your needs and wants. Provide you with a few examples of templates or if you have one in mind we will be more than happy to utilise that too. Once we’ve designed and made sure everything is as you would like, we will develop your website to meet your expectations. Depending on what package you choose, we will monitor and maintain your site to keep it all in tip top condition


We’ll spend time getting to know your business and what you want to achieve


We’ll design your website with you every step of the way. Have your own design in mind? Not a problem, lets make your design a reality.


We’ll develop your tools to web standards and make sure they look great no matter where they’re viewed from


We’ll work with you to monitor the value you get from the solution and keep it all in tip top condition

Let's Work Together

Don't know where to start? drop us a message on the right and we'll take it from there. Whether you want the full package, or just a simple website you'd like to have a go at maintaining yourself, we can tailor your package to suit your needs!

Alternatively, email us on info@hngmedia.co.uk

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