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Your customers will look for a website more now than ever before when looking for a product. They may have heard about your ecommerce business, or may have typed in a keyword into Google to find you. However they search for you, your business needs to be in the search results. By showcasing your work on your site you can give everyone a good idea of what your business can provide. 

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Particular Niche

When your customer looks through your page, they are usually looking for a particular service or product. With this in mind,  it’s good to make it clear to your customer that you have these on your website. For example, if you specialise in ethical products, you should make sure you point this out on your website. Because if you only advertise your products as, for example T shirts, the customer won’t see that they are ethical. This will result in the customer bouncing straight off your website.


We work exclusively with WooCommerce for the same reason we concentrate on WordPress underneath. It’s mature, has tons of integrations and has a wealth of plugins that can add amazing functionality to any online store.

ECommerce and Digital Goods

Additionally, you don’t have to be selling physical goods. We work with booking systems for Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Restaurants and even Hire goods such as Candy Carts and more. Whether you’re interested in running your business solely online or whether you have your own business premises and want to combine it with selling your goods or services online, people need to find you and the first place most people go is on the internet.

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