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Welcome to our blog page. We’d like to use this opportunity to open up our world to you. Here you will find out lots of information and news and hopefully trends along the way.

The Best of Elementor

The Best of Elementor Considered as one of the best  for website design, their drag and drop page builder, and their first rate hosting is

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Well, it’s finally December and the Christmas lights in the town square  are lit, it’s cold  but cozy. This special time of year

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Business Budgets

Business Budgets Why do we need them? Why does my company need a budget? The purpose of using budgets to manage financial resources is to

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Productivity needs analysis

Productivity Needs Analysis

Productivity Needs Analysis PNA Having recognised the different forms of waste from our previous post, we would now need to analyse what forms of waste

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Reduce Waste The Lean Way

Reduce Waste The Lean Way Times are getting hard, and people are feeling the pinch which will result in customers spending less and watching their

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The 5 Principles of Lean Management

The 5 Principles Of Lean Management These five principles of lean management techniques are: Specify what creates value for customers Identify steps to achieve along

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How Effective Is Your Team

How Effective Is Your Team? And Can You Make It Better? The average full-time working person will spend around 85,000 hours of their lifetime at

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The Internet

The Internet. This little modem would dial up the internet and after several awkward squawks, it would finally spring into life…

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We would like to help

We’d Still Like To Help

From early January 2020, Covid-19 took over the media and our lives. It dictated where we could go, who with and why, and even whether we could work or…

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