Camera or Phone?

You want to take high quality photos for your business, but can’t afford a photographer to achieve the right results. Don’t worry, if you have a camera that’s great, if not  you can achieve perfect photos with your phone.

To prepare your iphone for those high quality pics, you’ll want to turn your camera grid on. Click on Settings > Camera> then turn Grid on. The experts call this the Rule of Thirds. This is where the camera breaks the photo down into nine squares, which looks a bit like a game of noughts and crosses. They believe that if you focus your points of interest onto these grid lines, your photos will be more balanced.

Next, find some good lighting or an area of good natural lighting. If you want to achieve the white background, but don’t want to have to mess about with Photoshop, then try and get a sheet of white card and sellotape and use that as your backdrop. There are also some clever little gadgets around for smaller products such as a Mini Photobox Studio or if you want something bigger, there are bigger backdrops to be had. Why not take a look on YouTube for some easy product photography hack you can do at home.

Tip! Try and take a few pictures of the same thing with different lighting and different perspectives and have a look through them to find the perfect one at the end.

You don’t have to go for the white background if you dont want to. If you’re feeling confident and artistic enough, you could look at backgrounds that compliment your products.

Why not take a photo of inside your business?

Let your potential customers take a sneak peak at where they will be heading to, by displaying a cozy image of inside your building. Set the scene so it looks inviting for your customers.

Show your customers how it's made

Sometimes customers like to see your work in action whether its brewing the coffee or working out on the gym equipment. Your photos are your chance to tempt them to try your business out.

exceed your customers expectations

Most people react to visual presentation when deciding on what to buy, so why not tempt your customers with something that has been carefully presented on a plate for example. When you see something that looks appealing, you’re more likely to want to try it.

Long rectnagle slim plate with a row of fresh sushi rolls, garnished slightly and a sprinkling of seafood sauce. A pouring pot with japanese writing on sits beside it with the seafood sauce contained in it


Now you’re free to advertise on your page in any way you wish. You may want to have a sliding gallery of products or services, such as the one below, and a button that takes you to the full range,  along with photos to tempt your customers. In the background you could also advertise your premises by having another photo of your premises from a different angle maybe? Like below…


Our sweets are known far and wide for being the most delicious, homemade sweets you’ll ever taste. Our Pastry Chef is skilled at making all forms of desserts that will leave you wanting more.

Add a Dessert page

Your View More button (below the gallery), could then take your customers to a page that will showcase your range of products or services, in anyway you like.

Chocolate marshmallow cake on a white circular plate with a fork

Slice of Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

Only £2.95

Waffles topped with cream and jam and a small side jug of maple syrup

Waffles with Cream & Jam

Only £2.25